Book Review: Love Everlasting By Tracie Peterson

Book Review: Love Everlasting By Tracie Peterson


Growing up in a Seattle bridal finishing school never prepared Abrianna Cunningham to become one of the brides, but now Wade Ackerman, who has always been the reliable boy next door, is indicating he wants to be more than friends. And even the people closest to Abrianna believe Wade is the man she should marry. So why is she having such a hard time choosing between Wade Ackerman and Priam Welby?

Watching Welby’s relentless pursuit of Abrianna is making Wade’s blood boil. Welby can offer her wealth and security, but what about character and integrity? Surely Abrianna can see past Welby’s smooth tongue and fine clothes. Can’t she?

Caught between the devil and the boy next door, either choice she makes will change Abrianna’s life forever.

General Thoughts:

When I found out that there was a new book from Tracie Peterson about Abrianna, I knew I had to read it! This book is not necessarily a sequel to the book, Refining Fire, where Abrianna was introduced, it is more like a continuation. In Refining Fire, Abrianna played more of a supporting role to the main character, Militine. In Love Everlasting, Abrianna is now the main character and her story continues from where it left off in Refining Fire.

Abrianna definitely met my expectations in this story from her personality to all the excitement that usually followed her. To be honest, if you haven’t read Refining Fire, I urge you to do so before reading Love Everlasting to fully understand her backstory and the events that occur in this story. In short, Abrianna and Wade’s relationship becomes more defined and serious, but with her case between Priam not being completely settled, Priam seeks to destroy not only Abrianna and Wade’s relationship, but also the lives of everyone close to her. The challenges that Priam creates for Abrianna forces her to consider her commitment to Wade and give God complete control for once, since she is always seeking to be in control.

This story is interesting and full of sentimental moments but also some thrills from beginning to end. Because of the constant drama, I found it to be an easy read. What I also liked about this story was how the characters maintained their authenticity. The Abrianna in Refining Fire was the same Abrianna in Love Everlasting.


I would surely recommend this story to anyone who’s interested in stories that have strong relatable characters, natural humor, and lots of drama.


4.5 out of 5 stars. Overall the story was good and easy to read, and the characters were relatable and compelling.

***This book was given to me by Bethany House for an honest review.***

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