New Website!


I’ve mentioned this throughout the summer in my monthly updates, but I’ve been working on building a new website and I’m glad to say that it is here.


Why Create A New Website?

Since I started blogging in late 2012 (first through Weebly, then WordPress), I wanted to create a professional platform where I could showcase and market my work and sort of have an online portfolio. Being new to blogging and managing a website, there were many things I had to learn to get to where I am today. Although this website will be seeing updates in the near future (such as getting an author photo and logo), I believe it is good to go.

What About

My old website will still be up for a while, but eventually I will retire it. For now it will serve as a place to link my new posts to my new website. Some old posts will remain and will possibly be transferred over to my new website. Some posts have already been transferred and you will know this by the direct link that is  in place of the original post.


I want to thank everyone infinitely for supporting my work and blog. I welcome you to visit my new website at and also welcome any suggestions you may have 🙂

***Update*** is no longer available. I decided it was best to keep my blog where it is currently at on I am in the process of updating the website for another venture, which I will announce in the future!

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