I’m Not Afraid

Vintage Dots

I’m Not Afraid

Force me into the night
Into the dark with all its terrors
It’s fright
I don’t mind
I’ve done this all before
Way back when I didn’t know nothing
When I was so unsure
I’m not afraid

Throw me into the heat
Into the fire that burns
I don’t mind
I’ve been here before
Way back when I thought I was brave
When I would open any door
I’m not afraid

Cast me in the sea
Into the roaring waves
Waiting to engulf me
I don’t mind
I’ve seen this before
And I’m sure, I’ll survive
I’m not afraid

No, I’m not afraid
And I will never ever be
Afraid again
Cause I’ve been spared
My love has been there
When I thought there was
No soul, no one anywhere
He was there
To save me
From the night
From the heat
From me.

© 2015 C.A.Barnes

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