Monthly Update: July

Artist's Tools 4

I didn’t post a June Monthly Updates, but actually, between June and July, my activities remained pretty much the same. My weekly posts were not consistent as I would have liked, but with struggling to create a balanced system between work and activities, it was not as easy as I thought. Nevertheless, I know I will improve eventually and find a system of posting regularly.

In regards to the poetry book, after hearing helpful advice from fellow bloggers and people here on WordPress, I decided that I will share half of my poems from the book when it is released. I believe it will give people the chance to know what this book is about and see if they like it for themselves. It will also allow more people to view my book who may not have the chance or choose to purchase the book. In the end, I would rather share my work with others above anything else. As I mentioned in a previous monthly update, I plan to release the book hopefully before the end of the summer. The reason now for its delay is because I’ve been working on another major thing…

Updating my website. Ever since I started blogging in 2012 (starting with Weebly), I wanted to have a professional website, where I could not only share my work, but have a platform to market my work. Of course I could do those things with the website I have now, but I wanted more flexibility in design and features. Anyways, that is what I’ve been working on in the month of July and will continue to do so through August. I hope to launch the website by September, which is the same time, I also hope to release the poetry book.

In regards to my current site, I will keep it going, probably linking posts from my new website. However, it that becomes impractical, I may move entirely to the new website. Right now, everything is a work in progress and I will definitely keep you posted 🙂

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