Seraphine’s Escape CH.10


Brief Synopsis—Influenced by The Wizard of Oz, a story of a young woman who becomes trapped in her own dream, but does not want to leave. Can her guardian friend convince her before time runs out?

Chapter Ten—Someone Cares

The fashion show was a success. Seraphine got a new job–runway model. She was getting several deals, making friends, and eventually moved to a nice bay house by the ocean. Her mother and siblings soon moved into a nice house next to her. Things were starting to get better.

Late one evening, Seraphine decided to eat out with a friend at a small cafe in the park. As she was throwing something in the trash, she saw a young man–he looked familiar.

“Hey sir, stop!” Seraphine said.

“What?” The young man said.

“Haven’t we met before?” Seraphine said.

“I don’t think so.” The young man said.

Seraphine paused.

The young man continued…

“Um, I have to go.”

“Do you work here?” Seraphine said.

“Yeah, I just started.” The young man said.

“Then maybe we will meet again.” Seraphine said.

“Yeah maybe, well, bye.” The young man said.

“Bye.” Seraphine said.

The young man walked off into the dark along a path of lamp posts.

Seraphine did not stop watching him until he disappeared thinking if he was real or just a dream.

~The End~

*To read the previous chapter, click here.

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