Seraphine’s Escape CH.9


Brief Synopsis—Influenced by The Wizard of Oz, a story of a young woman who becomes trapped in her own dream, but does not want to leave. Can her guardian friend convince her before time runs out?

Chapter Nine—Result

Although it seemed like Seraphine had been gone for 2 days, she was actually in a coma for a month.

When she opened her eyes, she was by her friend Mike and mother Jane. She finally realized she was in a hospital and asked them what happened to her, because she couldn’t remember anything. They told her about the accident and how she was to be rewarded $50,000.00 for damages, time out of work, and pain and suffering. Seraphine couldn’t believe it!

That evening, she invited her mother and friend over for dinner. She told them about the Great Lily Forest, and all that happened while she was there.

“Oh mother, I didn’t want to leave. That place was perfect.” Seraphine said.

“Seraphine, but I’m glad you did. I would miss you.” Jane said.

“Yeah, we thought you were not going to make it.” Mike said.

Seraphine eventually reduced her working hours. With her injuries, it was difficult to work a full day. Soon the first signs of her luck–what Guardian Mari promised, started to show.

One day, while in a department store, she was approached by a posh elder woman.

“Excuse me miss, but I can’t help wondering…are you a model?” said the elder woman.

“Oh no! I’m not.” Seraphine said.

“I think it would be great, if you were included in my next month’s fashion show in New York.” said the elder woman.

“Really!” said Seraphine.

“Yes. Here is my contact information. Please, do not wait to call me.” said the elder woman.

“I won’t!” said Seraphine.

Seraphine could not believe it. If this modeling thing worked out for her, she could leave the waitressing job.

The next day, another sign appeared when she woke up and saw an object by her nightstand. It was the clock that prince Arthur had given her. Now she knew she was not dreaming. Now she knew there was such a place like the Great Lily Forest and she had really been there!

*To read the previous chapter, click here.

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