Seraphine’s Escape CH.7


Brief Synopsis—Influenced by The Wizard of Oz, a story of a young woman who becomes trapped in her own dream, but does not want to leave. Can her guardian friend convince her before time runs out?

Chapter Seven—Seraphine’s Choice

Seraphine couldn’t sleep at all that night. She was just thinking about all she heard. The next day she felt troubled. How she longed to be here, but at the same time, how she longed to see her mother—she knew she had to leave this place, her comfort zone. “I knew this was too good to be true”, Seraphine thought. “Why maybe this is all a dream.”

At evening, as Seraphine and Gwine prepared for the ball, Gwine, who was excited, noticed a deep sadness on Seraphine’s face.

“What troubles you, Seraphine?” Gwine said.

“Oh Gwine, I just can’t help to think that soon I will not be here.” Seraphine said.

“Seraphine, do not worry. Though you were not here for long, you have been in our hearts forever. Do you not know of us? We are not strangers to you.” Gwine said.

“I know. You are people from my past and present.” Seraphine said.

“Yes, you may not know it now, but this night will not be the last we meet. Now I know how much we mean to you—how important friendship is to you. You are willing to leave such a beautiful place as this to spare our lives.” Gwine said.

Suddenly Seraphine smiled and said, “You know if this is my last night, let’s have fun. I’m not going to think about it anymore.”

When they arrived at the ball, held at prince Arthur’s castle, Seraphine was stunned by its appearance—the heavenly walls, cascading floors, mystical sculptures. There was already an abundance of people there. Food was being served, people were dancing. And everyone was dressed so elegantly.

Gwine reminded Seraphine to meet her at 10:00 p.m. so they could go to the palace to meet Guardian Mari. They went their separate ways.

Seraphine started to wander the castle, looking at sculptures, when she heard a voice…

“Excuse me, miss. May I help you?” said Arthur jokingly.

“Oh!” Seraphine started to laugh.

“How do you like it here?” Arthur said.

“This place is quite nice. You are lucky for a prince.” Seraphine said.

“Lucky on what account? My possessions? My status? Oh, I do not dwell on such things.” Arthur said.

There was a silence…the prince continued to talk.

“Shall I have one dance?” Arthur said.

“Sure why not.” Seraphine said.

They danced for a moment. Later on, out on the gazebo, they sat and talked.

“Seraphine, I know of your parting, for I was told by the great Guardian Mari.” Arthur said.

“Oh,” Seraphine paused.

“But I do not want you to leave. You have become a great friend of mine.” Arthur said.

“Why thanks. I feel the same way too.” Seraphine said.

“Then stay, don’t go.” Arthur said.

“Arthur, do you not know about the reason why I should go?” Seraphine said.

“Why?” Arthur said.

“If I stay it is only a month we will have. Our time in this world is temporary. If I go you can be spared.” Seraphine said.

“But I will not see you again.” Arthur said.

“I was told that leaving is the best thing I can do, that I will see good things.” Seraphine said.

“Do you not care for us?” Arthur said.

“I do, more than you know, and I believe this is not the last we will see each other.” Seraphine said.

Seraphine looked at the time.

“Oh no! It’s 10:30 p.m.! I must go now!” Seraphine said as she quickly ran down the stairs.

“Wait, I must give you something to remember me by.” Arthur said…

Seraphine met up with Gwine.

“You’re late. We still have time though.” Gwine said.

*To read the previous chapter, click here.

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