Eyes Are Burning


Eyes Are Burning

I cannot speak
I cannot see
Can’t open my eyes
Barely recognize me

I thought I was strong
I thought I was right
But I’m so tired
Can’t see the light

My eyes are burning
When will it stop
I need something cool
Before I drop

Can’t do this no more
Don’t know the reasons for
Continuing on
Because I’m only becoming weaker
Not strong

© 2015 C.A. Barnes

3 thoughts on “Eyes Are Burning

  1. Ohhhhh, I know how this feels. Believe me. This reminds me of the verse that says beware when you think you are standing, because that’s when you fall. It also reminds me once again that there is nothing within us that we can stand on. Only by grace and grace alone.
    Have a great week Crystal.

    1. I really like that verse–it is very true! What is also true is what you said about grace. Thank you Staci and have a good rest of the week as well 🙂

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