My City Walkway


Goodbye, to long drawn out hours
Days when media had all the power
I was hooked
Locked behind bars in chains
I didn’t know it
I was a prisoner
I was not free

Goodbye, to long dog days
Basking uncomfortably in summer’s haze
Just waiting for the good life
To come my way
To save the day
My destiny

After all the things have been bought
And the debt collector’s been satisfied
After the man has given me a shot
To work long hours
Just so more things can be bought
Vacations, a house, a car, some pills
To cure my ills
Some destiny

Goodbye to fear, worry, grief,
In prisoner’s chains
Have I finally opened my eyes to realize
I have a choice in this life
To say goodbye
To all these things
My destiny

© 2013 C.A. Barnes

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