Book Review: The Queen’s Jester By Mishka Jenkins


The Queen’s Jester

The Queen’s Jester, by Mishka Jenkins, is a story of a queen who is vying for the affections of her negligent king. However, she finds solace in the court’s jester who becomes everything she does and doesn’t want.

One thing that made this an enjoyable read to me was how it was full of so much mystery and intrigue. Just when I thought I knew what was going on or what was going to happen next, I was surprised. This story was also an interesting read from beginning to end. At times, I would tell myself, I will read a couple chapters today, and found myself reading much more.



Immediately upon reading the story, I was introduced to the main characters and connected with them immediately. Mishka is effective in developing the characters and drawing from their past (including thoughts) to bring understanding of their motives and behaviors in the present time.

The story has 3 main characters, the king, queen, and jester. Each one have very different personalities which makes the story interesting. Upon reading the story, I couldn’t understand why some of the characters, such as the king, were behaving in such a way, but as you read on, everything makes sense perfectly. Despite all of the characters’ different personalities, there was something that I found interesting from each of them and made them rememberable.


I really liked the environmental descriptions as well as the life and time in which the story takes place. Details were illustrated intricately to make me vividly see what is going on and how things are. I was never left to question in what time and place the characters were in or something was happening. Also through detailed descriptions, I got glimpses of royal life and the common activities that took place during that time. I especially like the imagery and creative descriptions that pertains to the queen’s necklace.

Who Will Love:

Anyone who is interested in genuine love stories that are not graphic. Also anyone who likes stories that are not predictable and keeps you guessing on what will happen next or how things will end. This is definitely one that as much as I thought I knew how things would end, it definitely was not the case. It is definitely a story that all ages, especially teens and adults, can enjoy.

I encourage you to visit the Mishka’s blog for more information on this book, plus her other books at awriterslifeforme.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Queen’s Jester By Mishka Jenkins

    1. Hi icedmocha34! The book is listed as Fantasy Romance. Definitely check out Mishka’s website to read more about this story 🙂

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