Finding Success As A Writer: Part 2

misty swamp

***If you haven’t read my previous introduction post to this topic, Click Here.

TIP #2:


This is very important. More than many may realize. Without patience, decisions will be poorly thought out that can lead to failure and spiral to where one may give up entirely in writing or publishing one’s work. When I think of patience, self-publishing comes to mind. From what I have heard from others, many do not take the time to put together a well-written story or book. A self-published book can contain grammar and spelling errors and the cover can look elementary. I’ve seen some and though a book with errors and a bad cover does not mean the contents—the story itself, is bad—it could be a diamond in the rough, it masks its true quality and can deter others from wanting to read it.

I can relate to this when I first self published my 2 poetry books. Although I thought my cover and contents were error free and okay, I thought it could have been better developed. I don’t know how others who came across the books perceived them. One thing I didn’t do was take the time to have it reviewed by others or even sought services to design the cover to what I believe represented the collection of poems (the cover was an old photo but not one created or taken specifically for the book). But I had little money and was anxious to put them out there. Since it could be done on Amazon CreateSpace—I thought it didn’t matter. If I had patience, I would have done more research and waited until I had the financial resources to create a professional book.

But besides the product is the marketing piece which definitely relies on patience. I honestly believe the greatest determiner of selling your writing, whether through self-publishing or a publishing company is if you have an established audience. If you don’t have an audience by the time you publish your work, it will be challenging to reach success in selling, though it is not impossible. If you have strong connections that can promote your work though such means as word of mouth, or if the book (title, cover, blurb) stands out, success can be found without an established audience. But again, it takes time to establish an audience and strong connections, or even develop and put together a stand out book. It takes time to establish things, even build funds to create something great. It takes time to write a solid story or collection of poetry—whatever you write. It takes time to learn about publishing and marketing. It just takes time. But with time and patience, one can build a solid foundation for future years and literary works to come.

10 thoughts on “Finding Success As A Writer: Part 2

    1. I think that hiring an editor is a great idea and that is what I plan to do with my stories this upcoming year. Sometimes writers may overlook hiring an editor because of costs, but I think that is a big mistake–besides, your writing is an investment. Thank you mzpresser for commenting!

      1. No problem! If you need a name, let me know. The Lord led me to this editor who is wonderful and very reasonably priced. She’s amazing!

      2. Thank you mzpresser–I will definitely reach out to you when it comes time to find an editor 🙂

  1. This is great advice and definitely words to be taken in! Patience is such a necessary part of the writing and publishing process. If a book isn’t to the highest standard it can be, then people won’t come back to look at your other work, So it’s worth putting the time in when you can 🙂

    1. Very true Mishka–a quality book is like a first impression. If it appears that quality was overlooked, people will think the same for the story. And sometimes first impressions are difficult to shake off 🙂

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