Finding Success As A Writer: Part 1

misty swamp

There are many tips and advice out there on how to find success as a writer. What I mean when I say success is, becoming a published (whether self published or traditionally published) writer who is able to make a living writing and selling their work. With all the information out there, it can be overwhelming and different people are going to have different ways of finding success. However, I do not think that any of the information out there is false or ineffective to finding success, for if it worked for one writer, why not share what worked with other writers who are trying to find success. Anyways, to get straight to the point, through my “research” and hearing from successful writers, I have boiled down my advice for success to 4 tips. I believe if you have these tips and hold on to them, eventually you will find success as a published writer.

“A Writer Must Have A Solid Foundation. They Must Possess Passion and Patience.”

TIP #1:


I believe that those who enjoy writing—to where they believe it is their calling and their life’s work, will never give up in the process. It is simply what they do.

There was a time, especially when I was writing songs, that I aspired to be a songwriter. I joined local music associations/clubs/groups to network and build connections. I thought about enrolling in music schools. I even thought about traveling across the country for internships and jobs in the music industry. I entered many songwriting contests and competitions. Though I got some recognition for my efforts, many things fell through and I became unwilling to take any chances as I realized the odds of becoming a successful songwriter was small. So I turned my focus to other more attainable careers if not meaningful to me. But nevertheless, I still wrote lyrical poetry and even music for fun. It was something I enjoyed and at the time I wasn’t sure if I would ever share them with others.

So with this story in mind, one must have passion. One must naturally find interest in writing and want to write whether they become published or not, receive recognition or not, make income from it or not. Passion is what is going to banish discouragement when specific goals are not met or dreams do not work out. Passion is going to be the driving force that picks one up, make one re-establish thoughts and goals, and pushes one to try again.

5 thoughts on “Finding Success As A Writer: Part 1

    1. That is so true Mishka–with passion, one can never fail. One simply keeps on trying and sometimes not even realizing how much they have done because it doesn’t feel like a challenge to keep trying. Thank you for commenting!

    1. Passion is the driving force and the greatest thing that matters. Thank you Jane for the comment and I hope my following posts are helpful to you as well 🙂

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