One Day

electric branches

One Day

There’ll be bright pebble roads
Specked with shimming gold
Lined with emerald greens
And smiles so clean
Could there ever be such a scene
One day

Laughter will fill the air with sound
People will offer kindness as they travel bound
To a place called home
A place they thought would never be known
Could this thought be so bold
One day

I’m telling you
One day
We will see a place
Where there is a world touch with grace
Hearts and minds
Will open to see
Something beyond what we’ve already achieved
Hearts and minds
Will come to life
And what was an utopian dream
Will be reality
One day…

The night opens up its door
To a twinkling diamond spread galore
What used to be known as treacherous grounds
To lock us inside, to keep us bound
Is no more
One day
One day
Some day
One day

© 2014 C.A. Barnes

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