Character Traits: Silly and Bad

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Favorite Character Traits

Silly and Bad

This trait combination is often found in stories or films that can be viewed as humorous but this trait combination can also be found in action stories or films. From my viewpoint, this character combination generally will not be found in serious dramas. Characters with this trait will likely be the villains in the story. Popularly, these characters have usually been the accomplice or side kick to the main villain. These characters tend to offer little help in the end for the main villain since they are not intelligent in how to deal with the opposition. However, they tend to be characters that are roadblocks to the hero or good guys. They tend to make it a little challenging for the hero to get to the main villain.


Silly seems to be a nicer way of saying that one is not smart or is stupid. To me, sometimes the word silly could be the manner in which one behaves. Maybe they are not necessarily stupid, but they lack the ability to take things seriously or be careful in how they generally do things. A silly character will often be an unintentional trouble maker. They will usually make mistakes that cause problems to unfold or destroy plans through their carelessness. These characters are usually more of a burden than help, and ones who are expendable to whoever controls them, usually a villain.

Some positive things about this trait are these characters tend to be loyal to whoever is leading them. They will take the fall in order to see the task through. These characters are generally not the good guys but if they were, they would work  in teams or groups and not on their own to defeat the villain.


Bad means lacking sympathy or compassion for others. It means seeking to destroy the equilibrium, peace, and balance of others or the world in which they live in. A character with this trait is always the villain. They are usually in combat with the hero in stories. A truly bad villain is one that is relentless in their motives or mission. They sometimes possess some intelligence and strategic thinking. They will usually put up a great fight before they are destroyed or give up.

Some positive things about this trait are, from an entertainment standpoint, they add action and enrich the plot of a story. They often drive the reader’s interest to want to know how things will further develop and play out. The villain generally is the plot maker or builder of a story.

An Example:

One character who possessed a combination of these traits was from the film, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The character, Tuco, exemplified the characteristic combination of silly and bad. Though he was not the baddest of the three main characters, he was not the good guy in any way. He was a bandit who had committed many crimes and was now working with a bounty hunter to find a buried treasure of money. Throughout the movie, he was sloppy in his activities and communications with others which often put him in situations that almost killed him or destroyed plans. If not working with the bounty hunter, he would have likely died or never found the buried treasure.

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