Favorite Website: Writer Unboxed


Writer Unboxed

Main Features

  • Guest Writers
  • Variety of Inspiring and Helpful Topics
  • Big Writing Community

As a writer, when I first started blogging over a year ago, I was constantly on the lookout for writing communities (and still am) on and offline to cultivate my writing and learn from others whose knowledge range from basic to advance, including whose knowledge is based on personal experiences. I discovered an excellent website called Writer Unboxed late 2012, and since then I’ve frequently been a visitor.

Writer Unboxed was founded by two women writers in 2006. The idea for the website was developed after their 2nd article was rejected (they had previously published an article). They write articles based on critiques and evaluations of books and movies. After their 2nd article was rejected, they decided to create a website of their own where they could continue writing articles without waiting and relying on publishers to accept them. Since 2006, their website has grown and expanded, now including a world of writers from all genres and interests, published and unpublished.

What you’ll find when you go to Writer Unboxed is individual writers offering advice and knowledge on various writing topics that include metaphor usage in characters, the value of editors, the future of publishing, new book critiques/evaluations, hidden strengths writers have, and author question and answer. This list is limitless, as I only mentioned just a fraction of what is discussed and included in the website. It is also very easy to start a conversation as the community is large and growing. I recommend all writers, even those who are just interested in reading literature, to visit the website and discover how it can increase your interest and knowledge for creative writing.


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