An Incident With The Stars

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I really wished I remembered the history of this poem, how it came to be, but all I can remember is this poem was the result of a collaboration with another student’s poem, written for a creative writing class. I took pieces of the student’s poem that I believe would fit with pieces of my selected poem (the student did the same as well and I wish I could remember what he came up with). The goal was to come up with something that made sense and thanks to the student’s witty creation, This is the result.

An Incident with the Stars

Across the table
composed with glass
which stood over red carpet
filled with stars of brass
There sat a Madame
minding her business
watching the others
as they talked and laughed

As the waiter served her a drink
she noticed on the table sat her favorite paper
It was the New York Times
When another man joined her
they looked at it with delight

He asked, “Do you mind if I give it a borrow?”
She said, “Sure, but bring it back tomorrow.”

So with curiosity, she came the next night
But the man wasn’t there
This time there sat another man
In a leopard skin backed chair
She said, “ Excuse me there sir?
Have you seen a very tall fellow?
He’s very kind and quite mellow.”

Well the man shrugged
and said, “Not a chance.”
“Why ma’am, are you looking for a date?
Or perhaps a little romance?”
She started to laugh
as she felt a tap on her back
When she turned around
There he was, with the newspaper
To give it back

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