Spider Plants

Watercolor Tropics

Another poem written for a class assignment while in college, this one was about spider plants. My sister once was given a spider plant from school but never paid much attention to it. It later started to wither and just when my sister was going to bury it in the soil, my mother took what still had life and re potted it. I never thought the plant would get as big as the original one did, but it kept on growing and growing, until the point when my mother decided to separate the plants into smaller plants, and later on recycle all of them because they became too large and numerous.

However this poem points to the wisdom parents—perhaps elders can have. When my sister couldn’t take care of the plant and was ready to let it go, my mother was able to bring it back to life.

“Spider Plants”

There it is.
On my kitchen counter,
By my window,
Along my staircase,
In front of my door,
And finally,
Beneath the soil,
Where it finds its final resting place.
Yet its spirit in its descendents remains
Double in what it was before
Stronger than what it was before
Brighter than what it was before
Smarter than what it was before,
This time,
Along with my mother’s plants
By her window.

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