The Difference Between Revision and Editing

This post does a great job in bringing clarity on revising from editing–must read!


For many people, saying that they are revising their work means anything and everything they do to bring their writing from the rawness of a first draft to the polished efficiency of the finished product. For years, I thought the same thing. I took a first draft of a story or novel and went through it and through it, reading it over and over, correcting this and changing that until I finally had a piece that, if not perfect, was at least as good as I could make it. What’s wrong with that, you ask? It’s how many writers perfect their work.

Well, there’s nothing exactly wrong with it. Like I said, I’ve spent most of my writing life working that way. The primary drawback to that method is that it isn’t terribly efficient. And the problem with inefficiency is that much time gets wasted because you end up doing…

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