Quick Thoughts: What Makes A Rememberable Character and Story

2012 089

What Makes A Rememberable Character and Story?

A while ago, I was visiting one of my favorite writer’s websites, Writer Unboxed, which contains a multitude of articles from a wide range of writers. These articles discuss topics that can help writers improve their work and get insight about the writing process.

One article post that interested me was related to plot versus story—which one matters more. In the post, the writer included a video clip of an interview with Martin Scorsese where he mentioned how story matters more to him than plot—it is the story that gives the plot meaning. To understand more about what he and the writer means, I encourage you to visit the site and read the post (link here).

After reading the article, it made me think about what is really important when writing a story. Does a unique and amazing plot hold more significance than the message and meaning that lies within it? I believe that plot is important, but can the plot alone get readers to finish the story or read it over and over again?

As a writer, I tend to focus on the characters and the story that lies within them. I tend to develop who they are, their values, and their hopes. I think it is important because knowing the character very well can color the plot. In other words, it can add mystery and interest to a plot where, especially if the plot contrasts with the character’s background, it can yield unpredictability—which I feel makes for a strong story. I find that in books I have revisited and enjoyed reading over and over again, they primarily focus on the character’s development. With the character and plot contrasting, even if the plot alone seems simple, it can completely transform a story and make it unique.

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