A Nostalgic Book Review: The Berenstain Bears

March 012

The Berenstain Bears

Many may be familiar with the popular children’s book series, The Berenstain Bears. The book series was created by authors, Stan and Jan Berenstain (now deceased) and new ones continue to be written by their son, Mike Berenstain.

The book series is about a family of bears who live in a tree house. They are a typical or traditional family and what I like about theses books is that they discuss and focus on topics related to growing up and getting along, considering the world around them including plant and animals, understanding problems–what’s right and wrong, and being responsible. The list really can go on, and I encourage you to check out the series on their website, library, and stores. There are a lot of children’s books out there, but I highly recommend the Berenstain Bears, because not only do they discuss a universe of topics that is important for children to know and understand, but I find that the stories and illustrations are interesting, entertaining, and will grab the interest of any child.

Some Favorites:


    Mama’s New Job
I like how mama made a big change and became a “business bear”, opening up her own shop. How nice it would be to do that in real life. Have a talent in making something (in her case, quilts), being encourage to sell them, and in a couple weeks, having your own shop. This story was good at showing traditional expectations of moms, as the cubs and papa always expected mama to be at home, running things and helping them out. When she had her own shop, she wasn’t able to do all those things all the time, and the family had to pitch in and help themselves (and mama)  sometimes.


    Slumber Party
This is my most favorite, possibly because I loved slumber parties as a child. The message of this story is about being responsible from both sides of parent and child. When sister wanted to go to her friend Lizzy’s sleepover, mama and papa were not sure but later on agreed. Unfortunately Lizzy invited more people than her parents, who were away for the evening, were aware of, and things got out of hand. Sister got in trouble, but a lesson was learned from mama and papa on being responsible in communicating with Lizzy’s parents regarding the cubs’ activities, as well as letting the cubs know what they expect of them.


Don’t Pollute Anymore
This is probably the first story I read that informed me about the environment and being conscious about how to treat it. The illustrations are what I like most, showing how the plants and animals are affected by one’s daily activities, and also showing how one can contribute to taking care of the world in which they live in. I also like how papa played the role of a misinformed bear, thinking that the world was okay as he saw it from a bird’s eye view.


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