dots wash

This was written during my days as a student in college. What inspired this poem was my struggle with headaches every night I slept. I was fine during the day, but each night I slept, I would have troublesome headaches that never went away. Somehow I would just fall asleep eventually and wake up feeling fine. I was, however, sleeping on the floor at the time, but I feel that had little to do with it, but who knows… I describe this poem as a winding road, one that does not have a necessary breaking point until it reaches its end—almost like a conversation that begins at one topic but unexpectedly ends at another, except with this, it begins at one place, finds itself in a series of other places, and eventually ends at the same place.


There is nothing,
I cannot find under there.
Many nights of sleep
Aches and pains
That sent me searching for a
Cure to set me free
Into the sunlight
Filled with sounds and melodies
Of beautiful birds
Which I remember my
Summers laying food
Out for them on my deck
Covered with flowers and
Soothing scents that
Calmly sent me to sleep
On a floor, with a pillow
That could not cure my

© C.A. Barnes

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